Parallel Gripper

Parallel grippers can achieve a variety of grasping functions, which is a key component of modern pneumatic manipulators with perfect grasping functions and strong adaptability.

It can be grabbed in both directions, the grabbing torque is constant, it can be automatically self centered, and the repeatability is high. The stroke detection switch can be installed on both sides of the cylinder. A variety of installation and connection methods, convenient installation and strong reliability.

Parallel Gripper _CRG
Y Shape Parallel Gripper_CRG
Y Shape Parallel Gripper_CRG
Lengthen Parallel Gripper_CRG
Lengthen Parallel Gripper

Wanna dig deeper in custom parallel gripper?

There are more specifications about the EOAT parallel pneumatic gripper in this catalog, you can leave us your email here and our experienced engineer will contact you within 24 hours.

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