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Automatic Tool Changer

The robot automatic tool changer is a good helper in EOAT (end of arm tooling) applications. The system makes the industrial robots own the capability to automatically switch EOAT tools during any application cycle.

The changer system is often used between the tool and the transport device (tray, robot) when switch needed. In some cases, it also calls robot end effectors.

One robot side can match with multi tool sides. It is cost effective and takes only few seconds to change tools. In addition, the quick changer system design is very compact and anti-rust.

Why You Should Choose Us

This Automatic Tool Changer is Amazing

Safe and Secure

Three safety switches, multiple protection. We keep safe in mind.

High precision

High repeat positioning accuracy, loop tests for millions times.

High strength

Large-bore design of the locking piston, with a strong locking force.​

High Performance

Multi locking mechanism tapered design, selected long-life seal assembly, use high-quality elastic contact probe, to ensure a close contact signal module.

Boost in Productivity

Reduce the amount of time spent installing new work-holding fixtures. For all manufacturers, time is money.

Easy to Standardize

Minimize procedural documentation for operations, reduce damage possibilities to the machine or other accidents, errors and searching for dropped parts.

How The Tool System Works

When the robot needs to use multiple tools for work, the automatic tool changer system can help the robot to quickly replace the required robot fixtures, and the quick changer will ensure that the tools are accurately positioned and reliably fixed at the end of the robots, and at the same time realize the gas circuit and electrical signal docking between the tool and the robots.

Available playload is from 3kg to 300kg. Main models now are QCA05, QCA15, QCA35, QCA50, QCA100, QCA200. It is easy use, plug and play, light weight, high repeatalitiy, safe guarantee to use up to 1 million cycles.

You can find more specifications in our catalog, if you want customized tool changer designs, you can also contact us freely and CRG has the research and developed ability to offer best solutions for our industrial automation customers.

Automatic Tool Changer_CRG
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Wanna dig deeper in custom quick tool changers?

There are more details described in this catalog, you can leave us your email here and our experienced engineer will contact you within 24 hours. Compared with other brands like ATI, Schunk, Gimatic, Eins,  CRG’s quick changer tools are more cost effective but also high quality, which make the quick changer system competitive and warmly welcomed by customers in the market. Most customers express satisfaction for our changers since they lauched to the EOAT market.

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