EOAT Frame connectors

The EOAT frame connectors connect many kinds of fixting plate, brackets, connectors together to connect frame componets with other grippers, nipper body, suspensions.

All the parts together realize the function of the eoat system in the automation appliacitions, like plastic injection molding, car, medical, etc.

EOAT frame connectors with SS profile_CRG
Cross Connector 7.Y01003_CRG
Tube Cross Connector
Connector for Vacuum Cup 7.Y00235_CRG
Connector for Vacuum Cup
Elbow Arm 7.Y00390_CRG
Elbow Arm
Frame profile_CRG
Frame profile
Adjustable Angle Connector 7.Y00343_CRG
Adjustable Angle Connector
Connector Plate 7.Y00640 _CRG
Connector Plate
Long Angle Clamp 7.Y00308_CRG
Long Angle Clamp
Carbon fiber tube_CRG
Carbon fiber tube
Angle Arm 7.Y00407_CRG
Angle Arm
Cross Connector 7.Y00690_CRG
Cross Connector
Side Manifold Block_CRG
Side Manifold Block
Sus Tube_CRG
Sus Tube
Bush Nut 7.Y00278_CRG
Bush Nut
Cross Joint Connector 7.Y00226_CRG
Cross Joint Connector
Vertical Fastening of Profiles 7.Y00228_CRG
Vertical Fastening of Profiles
T nuts_CRG
T nuts

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