Vacuum Grippers

The vacuum grippers material are made of silica gel and nitrile rubber, which has a large tearing force, so it is widely used in various vacuum holding equipment, such as construction, paper industry, printing, glass and other industries to achieve suction and transport of glass , Paper and other thin and light items.

It is a pneumatic wearing part, easy to use, and pollution-free. The vacuum chuck is particularly environmentally friendly and will not pollute the environment, and there is no light, heat, electromagnetic, etc. generated. No damage to the workpiece, suction or put down the workpiece will not cause any damage to the workpiece.

Vacuum Cups (FGA)_CRG
Vacuum Cups (SAF2)_CRG
Vacuum Cups (SAF2)
Vacuum Cups Connector_CRG
Vacuum Cups Connector
Vacuum Gripper (SAB2)_CRG
Robot arm suction cup (SAB2)
Vacuum Module_CRG
Vacuum Module
Vacuum Cups (VSH)_CRG
Vacuum Cups (VSH)
Solenoid Valve_CRG
Solenoid Valve
Vacuum Cups Suspensions_CRG
Vacuum Cups Suspensions

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