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EOAT components

EOAT components There are many eoat components to use together with you robotic applications, like plastic injection molding. Items include hose, hose fittings, various connectors, junction boxes, etc. GET AN INSTANT QUOTE Junction box Y shape hose connector Miniature regulator Straight hose fitting Pressure Regulators Straight connector Single connector Steel pipe cutter Do not find suitable […]

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Slide off air nipper bracket_CRG

Air Nipper

air nipper Air nipper or pneumatic scissors are widely used in the field of automation, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of the factory. Its characteristics are: it will not shake or shift when sliding, and it can run with high precision. It has a pull-back type and a push-out type. You can choose

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Vacuum Cups (FGA)_CRG

Vacuum Grippers

Vacuum Grippers The vacuum grippers material are made of silica gel and nitrile rubber, which has a large tearing force, so it is widely used in various vacuum holding equipment, such as construction, paper industry, printing, glass and other industries to achieve suction and transport of glass , Paper and other thin and light items.

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Air Slide Table_CRG

Air Slide Table

Air Slide Table Pneumatic air slide table is a linear drive mechanism widely used in automation industry. It is widely used in the field of machine tool automation equipment and robots. High rigidity, high precision, low friction, can realize smooth movement without looseness, and small overall size. GET AN INSTANT QUOTE Wanna dig deeper in

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Parallel Gripper _CRG

Parallel Gripper

Parallel Gripper Parallel grippers can achieve a variety of grasping functions, which is a key component of modern pneumatic manipulators with perfect grasping functions and strong adaptability. It can be grabbed in both directions, the grabbing torque is constant, it can be automatically self centered, and the repeatability is high. The stroke detection switch can be

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Spring Loaded Elbow Arm_CRG

Spring Loaded Elbow Arm

Spring Loaded Elbow Arm Spring loaded elbow arm is used for fast installation and replacement of tooling fixtures in the automotive industry, automated processing and assembly production lines and other occasions. Integration is not restricted by suitable scenarios, products are integrated, firmware is not leaked, and applicable scenarios are wide. GET AN INSTANT QUOTE Wanna

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Gripper for Engagement_CRG

Gripper for Engagement

Gripper for Engagement Gripper for engagement is used for fast positioning and installation of the main functional components of the production line, tooling, fixtures and quick installation and replacement in the automotive industry, automated processing and assembly lines and other occasions. Save time for workers to switch fixtures. Reduce precision errors caused by mold vibration.

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Pneumatic Finger Gripper_CRG

Pneumatic Finger Gripper

Pneumatic Finger Gripper CRG pneumatic finger gripper is mainly used for product removal or auxiliary removal. When the space is limited, this modular clamping system is a good choice to clamp the finished product on the manipulator of the injection molding machine. GET AN INSTANT QUOTE One Finger Angular Pneumatic Gripper Finger Gripper(GF Series) Magnetic

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Expansion Gripper_CRG

Expansion Gripper

Expansion Gripper The expansion grippers are suitable for injection molding machines, packing industry, automobile industry, etc. When vacuum cups are not available or other eoat grippers may hurt workpiece surface, the expansion grippers will be a great choice. Produced with aluminum making it lightweight with higher dynamics, and it’s durable with 1 millions movement for

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